BBC film our lung truck in Barking & Dagenham

A BBC film crew visited the site of our Targeted Lung Health Check scanning truck in Barking on 9 November, to look at the hard work we are doing to help spot cancer sooner. This was for a programme on national cancer diagnosis and performance, shown on BBC2's Newsnight at 10.30pm, Thursday 10 November.

The BBC interviewed Dr Rebecca Taylor, Clinical Director for the Targeted Lung Health Check Programme in north east London, who explained the importance of people coming in to have their free lung scan. They also spoke to a couple of local residents about their experience of using the service. 

Two people standing in front of a lung scanning truck and being filmed by two other people.

It included shots of the scanning truck at Barking Sporthouse & Gym in Mayesbrook Park, as well as brief clips of the interviews with Dr Rebecca Taylor and a patient. The patient was also shown having his scan. It can be viewed on BBC iPlayer here (the report runs from 13:45 to 22:11 with a discussion off the back with Steve Brine MP, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee)

For more information on our Targeted Lung Health Check Programme, which offers a free MOT of the lungs to Barking & Dagenham residents aged 55-74 who have ever smoked, visit the North East London Cancer Alliance’s webpage. The programme is managed by Meena Pawar from the cancer alliance and the team can be contacted via email at 

Two people standing in a car park in front of a lung scanning truck.