We are working across North East London to provide consistent high quality cancer treatment for local people.

Where will your treatment take place?

You will be sent details directly of where and when your treatment will take place, what you need to do to prepare and what the next steps are.

It is really important you follow all instructions and attend your appointment. Please make sure you are available for all future appointments so that you can complete your treatment.

Our main cancer centres

How can you get involved to shape future treatment?

If you would like to share your experience with our team and have a say in how services are run in the future, why not join our patient and carer representative group?

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in different projects to help improve cancer treatment for local residents.

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Chemotherapy and Immunothreapy treatment

The following videos are available (in English, Bengali, Bulgarian, Polish and Turkish):

Overview of your chemotherapy treatment

Overview of your immunotherapy treatment and potential side effects

Understanding your potential chemotherapy side effects

Download an alert card from Macmillan Cancer Support for people having systemic anti-cancer treatment (SACT). This includes chemotherapy and immunotherapy.