Patient and carer achievements

Our patient and carer group – Patient and Carer Voice in Cancer (PCVC) – has been working hard to make sure that the patient and carer voice is head across all our cancer projects.

Here is just a small selection of some of the things they have been working on to support all residents and patients across north east London.


Attending/providing feedback for multiple focus group events.

  • Fiona has been involved with the Barts Hospital Charity Grants Committee to support the funding request for a new Breast Cancer Centre.
  • Chris shared his wife’s story and spoke to a commissioner at the Tower Hamlets International Day for Persons with Disabilities. This has led to contact with other local organisations, including Healthwatch.
  • Natalie and Fiona and spoke to the public to encourage them to visit their GP during the National Cancer Bus tour.
  • Jane attended the City and Hackney Macmillan event ‘Implementing Personalised Cancer Care in City and Hackneys Out-of-Hospital Setting’
  • David attended the Macmillan and TCST event ‘Who Cares about Personalised Cancer Care’. 
  • Natalie shared her art work and support group materials for people affected by cancer and their mental health.

PCVC Meetings and Strategy

In 2022/2023, the PCVC group met in Stratford approximately every 4-6 weeks to discuss a broad range of topics. During this year, the group initiated a change of direction and began working on a strategic plan by identifying actions and priorities.

This included a spotlight on Holistic Needs Assessments and Cancer Care Reviews, reflecting their shared passion for Personalised Cancer Care. In 23/24, PCVC will be focusing on recruiting new members and community engagement.

Feedback and Project Input

The group has been invaluable in providing patient insight, ideas and challenges for a number of cancer alliance projects in north east London, including:

  • The City and Hackney Cancer Needs Assessment
  • Barts Lung Cancer Screening Project
  • NELCA Breast Cancer Screening for People with Serious Mental Illness
  • NELCA Older Peoples Project
  • NELCA and TCST Psychological Harm on the Cancer Pathway
  • NELCA Liver Surveillance leaflet
  • Targeted Lung Health Check programme
  • Early Diagnosis Centre recruitment materials
  • National Community Pharmacy Early Diagnosis project
  • Gathering BHR patient experience feedback.

Get involved

To find our more or if you have any questions, please email or phone 07503 373 533 or go to the PCVC main webpage,

A group of patient and carer representatives are sat around a table having a meeting. On the table are laptops and notepaper.