Living with cancer

Personalised care

All residents in North East London living with cancer should have access to high quality personalised care.

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Personalised Stratified Follow-up appointments

After your treatment, you will be offered a follow-up pathway that is personalised to you. This is called Personalised Stratified Follow-up.

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Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation Support

We are working hard to provide support for patients to prepare for cancer treatment (prehabilitation) and to recover from it (rehabilitation). Both can make a big difference to improving long-term health.

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Lymphoedema is a very common side effect from cancer treatment. We have a range of tools and resources to help you with this.

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Psychosocial support

Cancer can have an impact on your mental health, work and social life. We have a programme of work dedicated to reducing this impact and improving the health and wellbeing of cancer patients.

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How can I share my experience?

We want to hear about your experience of accessing cancer services and support, so we can make ongoing improvements. There are a number of ways you can do this.

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Support services

Take advantage of free, local support to help you through your cancer journey. Please reach and get the help or advice you need.

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