Our work

What we do

North East London Cancer Alliance is one of 21 cancer alliances established by NHS England to lead on the delivery of the cancer care recommendations in the NHS Long Term Plan.

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Our key principles

There are four key principles we expect to be embedded and reflected throughout our delivery plans.

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Identifying, monitoring and reducing health inequalities.

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Understanding and improving experience of care by embedding patient, carer and public voices in policy and service improvement and delivery.

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Working in partnership to maintain the cancer workforce.

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Taking a data-driven approach to transforming cancer outcomes.

Our programmes of work

We have three main programmes of work to support local residents and patients across north east London:

Early Diagnosis

Diagnosis and Treatment

Personalised Care

Early Diagnosis

Raising awareness of cancer signs and symptoms; increasing uptake of national screening programmes; working with and supporting local doctors; using the latest innovation in cancer diagnosis; all with the aim of early detection of cancer when it is easier to treat.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

Aims to improve the 28 day Faster Diagnosis Standard (the target is you should not wait more than 28 days from referral to finding out whether you have cancer or not). To help achieve this, we want to identify and introduce innovative solutions such as the latest technology. We also want to reduce any variation in cancer treatment, so that all our residents receive the best possible care.

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Personalised Care

Aims to ensure all residents in North East London living with cancer should have access to high quality care that is personalised to their individual needs. This is from the moment a cancer is diagnosed through to end of treatment and follow-up. It includes services such as prehabilitation (helping to prepare for treatment), personal follow-up treatment and access to health and wellbeing support.

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Supporting our programmes

All our areas of work are supported by patient and carer engagement, communications and operational performance.

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Patient and Carer Engagement

We aim to make sure that patients are listened to, have their say and bring forward their ideas across all our areas of work. We want local people to share their experiences, challenge us, make recommendations and comment on our plans. Our patient and carer representatives make this happen. They help us understand what really matters to patients and carers.

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We want to keep all our stakeholders updated on the work that we do across north east London. We do this via the news section of our website, our social media channels, newsletters and by working with local communications, engagement and community partners.

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Operational Performance

Supports our aim to improve operational performance, increase treatment volumes compared to pre-covid numbers and reduce the backlog.