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Supporting you every step of the way

The North East London Cancer Alliance aims to make sure every cancer patient has access to the same levels of high-quality care and support, no matter who you are or where you live.

At each stage of your journey, we work with our partners to provide a range of support and services for cancer patients. Please read through the information on each stage so you know what to expect, what support you should be receiving and where to turn for further help. We are here for you.

The Patient Journey

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Prepare for your appointment and make sure you attend when you are asked to. It could save your life. In the majority of cases no cancer will be found, giving you peace of mind. If anything is found, the earlier the better so it can be treated.

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Find out more about cancer treatment in north east London and where to go for more information. Remember to set time aside for your treatment, which means avoiding things like extensive periods out of the country.

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Living with Cancer

Access a wide range of support to improve your quality of life. Learn what help you should be receiving, much of which is personal to you, and where to get any additional help.

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Find out more about our patient and carer voice in cancer

There are opportunities to get involved in a range of cancer projects, depending on your experiences and interests. Become a member of our Patient and Carer Voice in Cancer.

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Non-medical support services

Has cancer affected your life in other ways? Need help with things like finance, housing, employment, leisure activities? Get free, local support now. 

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Living with Cancer

Your checklist of support you should receive as a cancer patient:

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Personalising your cancer care

Looking after your physical, practical, spiritual, emotional or social needs following a cancer diagnosis.

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Personalised Stratified Follow Up

After your treatment, you will be offered follow-up support that is tailored to you.  

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Prehabilitation and rehabilitation support

Both can make a big difference to improving your long-term health.

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A common, yet not well-known, side effect of cancer treatment that can be supported via range of tools and resources.

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Psychosocial support

Making a positive difference to your mental health, work and social life.

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Cancer care reviews

Within the first 3 months of being diagnosed you should receive a call from your GP to offer help with any needs that you have.

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Get in Touch

We want to hear about your experience of accessing cancer services and support, so we can make ongoing improvements. There are a number of ways you can do this.

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