Rapid Diagnostic Centre (RDC)

What is an RDC?

A Rapid Diagnostic Centre is a single point of access to cancer tests for all patients with symptoms that could indicate cancer. They are designed to speed up cancer diagnosis and improve patient experience.

It allows the issue to be investigated at an early stage, and if needed, the patient can be treated quickly and effectively.

Symptoms of patients who are referred to an RDC include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain or nausea; a GP ‘gut feeling’ about cancer.

What do they do?

RDCs help to ensure diagnostic capacity is used most effectively, and support the health and care system in its recovery from the COVID19 pandemic.  Specifically, RDCs support the reduction in endoscopy demand by providing a thorough clinical review to determine if the underlying diagnosis is cancer and if not, what is the cause of the patient’s symptoms.

Our RDCs in North East London