The North East London Cancer Alliance is helping GPs to deliver the asks in the PCN DES.

Support for the PCN DES

We have produced a PCN DES guide to support practices to deliver the asks in the PCN DES, which has been approved by our GP cancer leads.

Further advice on the PCN DES can be accessed via the Cancer Research UK webpages and the NHSE guidance is here.

PCN cancer facilitator

The PCN cancer facilitator is available to support PCNs to deliver the requirements of early diagnosis PCN DES 2022/23. The support includes:

  • Facilitate quality improvement, including reflection on comparative cancer data, referrals and audits and learning event analysis.
  • Support action planning and use of ongoing quality improvement methodologies.
  • Facilitate improvement in cancer screening, prevention and early diagnosis.
  • Work with the whole team as needed – including GPs, nurses, clinical pharmacists, physician associates, other clinicians and non-clinical staff.
  • Provide training to staff on cancer screening and cancer related processes such as safety netting.
  • Work with PCNs to support a reduction in health inequalities.
  • Your PCN cancer facilitator for north east London is Lubna Patel and can be contacted via email at Lubna.patel6@nhs.net