Redbridge cancer event brings closer working between the cancer alliance and local communities

North East London Cancer Alliance took part in a fantastic event on cancer awareness and cancer screening in Redbridge for the African and Caribbean communities, hosted by The Association of Redbridge African and Caribbean Community (TARACC). 

Dr Jyoti Sood, Redbridge GP and GP Lead for the Early Diagnosis Programme for North East London Cancer Alliance, highlighted some of the key factors linked to cancer diagnosis and addressed the incidence and mortality in the black community.

Leanne Pero MBE, founder of the outstanding charity Black Women Rising, also attended the event and has since followed up with North East London Cancer Alliance to talk through some exciting joint initiatives such as podcasts, patient experience forums and joint ways of working.

The event in Redbridge was brilliantly organised by TARACC with a series of key presentations and information stands, all designed to help improve outcomes for patients in the local African and Caribbean community and to promote some key cancer messages to residents, which will ultimately help to save lives.

Wayne Douglas, Programme Lead of Diagnosis and Treatment for North East London Cancer Alliance said: “What a great session delivered by The Association of Redbridge African and Caribbean Community, where I had the pleasure of meeting Errol McKellar MBE who was keen to share his achievements with the community and highlight only by truly collaborating can we make a significant difference in our community.

“It was fantastic to hear from all the speakers on the day and I am encouraged that we can make a difference in North East London Cancer Alliance by working with all our community partners”.

The image is of a table which has a range of cancer information leaflets on it
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