Latest results from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey

NHS England and Improvement have published the 2021 results of the Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

Patient experience of care is incredibly important to us and it’s a testament to the hard-working NHS staff that cancer patients have given the highest rating on record for overall experience at 8.92 out of 10.

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Some highlights for North East London are:

  • 42% response rate for north east London, 55% Nationally.
  • Our response rate highest among white British population and within 65-74 age group.
  • Fairly even split between male and female, however, female group reporting lower scores when compared with males.
  • Majority of respondents used paper surveys.
  • Patient's average rating of care 8.7 for NEL for both 2019 and 2021.
  • Primary care question responses in NEL:
    • 42% of patients received the right amount of support from their GP practice during treatment
    • 73% reported speaking to primary care professional once or twice before diagnosis
    • 60% of patients said referral for diagnosis was explained in a way they understood
    • 20% reported having had a cancer care review​​​​​