Barts Charity helps to promote the benefits of prehab

Barts Charity has recently published an article which talks about how prehabilitation, or prehab, helps cancer patients get fit before surgery. This is such an important part of a cancer patient's journey and there are so many examples of how this has helped cancer patients in north east London.

The article features a video of one of our patients, Sam, who shares her amazing and inspiring experience of how prehab helped her to have robotic keyhole surgery to treat her lung cancer.

Sam says "When I was told I had lung cancer, I was offered robotic keyhole surgery, but you had to be at a certain level of fitness because it’s quite a tough operation. I wasn’t fit enough to be able to go through that process. But thanks to prehab, I was able to have the keyhole surgery."

You can read the article in full on the Barts Charity website.

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