95% of patients in north east London rate their lung health check experience as either ‘very good’ or ‘good’

Since we launched free lung health checks for residents in Barking & Dagenham in July 2022 and Tower Hamlets in June 2023, as part of the national Targeted Lung Health Check Programme, we have invited over 21,430 eligible participants to take part, carried out over 10,740 telephone triage lung health check appointments and scanned over 3,580 patients.

In a recent survey of these patients, 95% of attendees rated their experience as either ‘very good or good’ and provided excellent feedback across a range of areas. 100% of patients said they had confidence and trust in the staff undertaking their lung scan and 95% of patients said that their lung health check was explained clearly, easy to book and that they trusted the staff.

This is what patients said about the service:

“The staff were very friendly and I was confident that they knew what they were talking about. Overall, a very good experience”

“No waiting time on the day”

‘I was told everything I needed to know and lovely staff”

“It was quick and explained very well”

Meena Pawar, Programme Manager for the Targeted Lung Health Check Programme in north east London, says “The overwhelmingly positive patient feedback is a credit to the hard work put in by the whole team to make the experience a smooth and seamless one. The scan itself takes less than a minute and we encourage others to come forward for their free lung health check too.

“We are looking to maintain these high levels of service now that we have expanded the free lung checks to residents in Tower Hamlets. It will ultimately be offered to all residents across north east London.”

What are lung health checks?

Lung Heath Checks are offered free to people aged 55-74 who have ever smoked, as part of the national NHS Targeted Lung Health Check Programme. It finds out how well your lungs are working and aims to rule out any serious conditions. Often, early problems with the lungs do not cause any symptoms, so it is important to attend even if you are fit and healthy.

Lung checks are by invitation only. Our Targeted Lung Health Check team will send out invites via letter when it is your turn.

Find out more on our webpage or watch our animated video.