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Who are we?

North East London Cancer Alliance is one of 21 cancer alliances across England. Our aim is that every resident in North East London has equal access to better cancer services.

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What we do

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Faster diagnosis and Operational improvement

Reducing the backlog; reducing waiting times; improving cancer patient pathways; improving performance against national cancer standards.

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Early Diagnosis

Raising awareness of signs and symptoms; increasing uptake of national screening programmes; working with and supporting local doctors; using the latest innovation in cancer diagnosis.

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Treatments and Personalised Care

Reducing variation; supporting the establishment of the new Children, Teenage and Young Adult Operational Delivery Networks; improving quality of life for cancer patients.

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Patient and Carer Engagement

Giving cancer patients and carers a voice in improving cancer services; increasing the uptake of cancer services; providing roles for patients and carers in cancer alliance projects and programmes.

Cancer Screening Programmes

Cancer screening saves lives. Make sure you attend your appointment when requested.

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