How does the Early Diagnosis Programme team work?

Our team

The programme team is made up of dedicated, skilled programme and project managers, most of whom have previous experience of working in cancer services, as well as some developing project managers with a keen interest in improving cancer services in north east London.

Many members of the team were born and raised, or currently live in, a north east London borough, so have first-hand knowledge of the area, the population, and its needs. The team is united in its ambition to make sure everyone living in north east London has the information they need and the awareness to understand when to speak to a doctor, as well as the importance of taking part in screening programmes. The people of north east London are at the heart of the work that we do.

Who do we work with?

Working with our partners in local hospitals, general practice, local authorities, community organisations and charities across north east London, we deliver projects to bring people into the healthcare system earlier and encourage them to attend screening appointments.

In the last year, we have collaborated with charities, such as The Eve Appeal and Live Through This, local mosques and faith groups and community groups. We also work closely with residents and patients to design and co-produce our projects, so we can be sure they are relevant for the population we are trying to reach.

We are supported in this by agencies, such as Mobas, AKT Health Communications and Claremont Communications, who are experienced in working with the NHS, as well as designers such as Design Store and an art collective, Muslim Sisterhood. As a result, local people have become the ‘face’ of some of our campaigns and we have been able to work with local artists.

What do we do?

Key to early diagnosis is making sure that people know the possible signs and symptoms of cancer and that they attend cancer screening appointments which can pick up early signs of cancer and sometimes, in the case of cervical screening, detect changes which might lead to cancer.

We do this in many ways, such as:

  • Delivering campaigns to raise awareness of the common signs and symptoms of cancer.
  • Providing accurate information to people in a format they can understand and is sensitive to their needs, reducing the belief in myths and misconceptions.
  • Raising awareness of the cancer screening programmes in north east London.
  • Improving access to screening services, for people who might otherwise find it hard to attend.
  • Implementing the national Targeted Lung Health Checks programme in north east London
  • Increasing availability of genetic testing for people who may have a genetic predisposition to some cancers.

What is the governance?

The work programme is overseen by the Early Diagnosis Programme Delivery Group, which is chaired by Dr Matthew Cole, Director of Public Health in Barking and Dagenham. The Group includes public health representation from all north-east London boroughs, GPs, project managers and representatives from the charities and community groups that we work with. It ensures that our projects are being managed effectively and, most importantly, that all projects are addressing the needs of local people and working towards our shared goal.

Find out more

For more information, visit the Early Diagnosis Programme webpage. If you have a question, email the team at