Changes to Urgent Suspected Cancer (2 Week Wait) referral forms

We can now confirm that the new 2WW forms have now gone live, as of Tuesday 31 January 2023. Find out more about these changes on our webpage.

Pan London Suspected Cancer Referral Forms

The Healthy London Partnership has put together a resource centre with the updated two week wait referral forms for or EmisWeb, SystmOne, Vision, MS Word and DXS. These are all available on their two week wait web page.

Patient information

You can download information leaflets for patients on two week wait referrals, available in different languages, from the Healthy London Partnership web page. 

2ww pathway: sending reminder texts via Accurx

A short video showing how to send reminder texts to patients via Accurx (as long as the messaging is used alongside other safety netting measures, such as the template) is available here: https://youtu.be/flq--MPnpuk


Our colleagues in secondary care have asked that we please remind all GPs of the importance of bloods being available when patients are referred on the 2ww pathway.

Patient availability

Please remind patients that they need to be available for appointments when referred on the 2ww pathway. We are experiencing a number of missed or cancelled appointments due to patients being away on holiday.


A webinar on the latest guidance for GPs on making 2ww referrals to haematology can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/X2OG2LQcGsI