Diagnosis and Treatment projects

AI tech project – to deploy and AI solution for the CXR pathway in North East London, ensuring abnormal findings are immediately identified to facilitate fast-track CT scanning, ensuring faster diagnosis. 

Bladder ADx – Assessing the validity of a urine test to detect bladder cancer in non-visible haematuria.

Breast Cancer Centre - Barts Health will open a new breast cancer unit at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London in 2026. The new centre will enable patients to access treatment from a team of surgical specialists.

CCE – National pilot of colon capsule endoscopy for suitable LGI USC referrals. CCE is a camera you swallow in a pill that removes the need for colonoscopy if nothing of concern is found.

Clinical Animations – developing animations, translated into multiple languages, in order to break down complex systemic anti-cancer treatments, including clinical trials, to support patient decision making by enhancing the consent giving process.

ColonFlag – Service evaluation of an accredited AI tool that reviews historic blood tests alongside other demographics to calculate the probability of colorectal cancer.

Cytosponge – National pilot of Cytosponge which is a sponge on a string that is used to collect cells from the oesophagus that can pick up cancer or precancerous cells if present.

Early diagnosis in schools – Education of school-aged children about testicular examination.

MDT – Collaborating with key stakeholders to identify ways we can collectively improve the multidisciplinary meetings and process to support improving the decision-making process.

MiM Software - MRI optimisation project, focussing on ensuring each trust within our network provides high quality mpMRI scans by optimising the way the imaging is acquired.

Non-Specific Symptom (NSS) - The Non-Specific Symptom (NSS) Cancer Pathway is a referral pathway which aims to deliver faster diagnosis for patients with vague symptoms or signs suggestive of cancer.

Prostate Cancer Case Finding – identifying and inviting individuals at high risk of prostate cancer to prostate health check clinics with the aim to identify ‘missing’ prostate cancers since the pandemic and support earlier diagnosis.

Teledermatology – to implement a teledermatology model as an option for each provider, to support the skin cancer pathway.

Treatment Variation Metrics – Benchmarking against variations in treatments in North Est London in comparison to the national and regional positions.

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For more information, visit the Diagnosis and Treatment Programme webpage. If you have a question, email the team at nelondonicb.nelcanceralliance@nhs.net.