Cancer awareness project in schools

North East London Cancer Alliance has funded a project being run by CATTs (Cancer Awareness for Teens and Twenties) that is delivering a series of engaging cancer awareness workshops to Year 10 an 11 pupils in secondary schools in Havering and in Redbridge. This has reached over 2,000 pupils.

The cancer awareness workshops cover: what is cancer, the signs and symptoms of cancer, how to check your body including breasts and testicles and encourage, how to reduce your chances of developing cancers including sun safety and promote positive health seeking behaviours. All this is in line with the PSHE curriculum.

Schools which have already expressed an interest or have sessions already booked include:

  • Beal High School
  • Caterham High School
  • Kantor King Solomon School
  • Mayfield School
  • Oaks Park
  • Trinity Catholic School
  • Valentines High School

More information

Read an article which includes a testimonial from a school which has taken part in the project.