About the You Need to Know campaign

The North East London Cancer Alliance, in partnership with The Eve Appeal (a leading UK charity raising awareness of, and funding research for, gynaecological cancers), has launched ‘You Need to Know’ - a campaign to increase awareness of womb cancer amongst Black African, Black Caribbean and South Asian women in North East London.

To better understand how the campaign can effectively reach these women, a focus group of nine local residents came together to share their real-life experiences and views to help shape the ‘You Need to Know’ campaign. Three of these ladies volunteered to also take part in a video and photoshoot to create the campaign visual content. We would like to thank each of the women involved for their valuable contribution.

The campaign also features artwork created by three artists local to North East London who have personal connections to the communities the campaign aims to reach. Each piece of unique artwork was developed to complement one of the campaign photos and reflect womanhood and empowerment.

To discover more about the artists involved, visit their pages linked below:

Jaffrin Khan - https://www.instagram.com/jaffrinstudio/

Antonietta Torsiello - https://www.torsiellolondon.com/

Lola Betiku - https://www.labetmakesart.co.uk/about

Local residents provide valuable insight into womb cancer

To help design and shape our womb cancer campaign, nine local residents came together to share their real-life experiences and views at a special focus group which we hosted in partnership with Eve Appeal.

Key outputs from the focus group include:

  • The women gave input into the campaign posters, suggesting changes to the tagline and background design
  • The women gave insight into which places would be best to promote the campaign.
  • The women spoke about their experiences within healthcare settings.
  • One woman with lived experience highlighted what made her seek help.

Three of those who attended (from the three ethnicities the campaign is targeting; Black African, Black Caribbean and South Asian.) also agreed to be part of a photoshoot for the campaign.

They also appeared on video, explaining the importance to get symptoms checked with two women also saying their lines in their native languages.

A lady is sat on a stool in what looks like a film studio with a camera and lights pointing at her. Another woman is standing in front of her, helping her do her make up, getting her ready for the photo shoot.


Contact information

For anyone interested in finding out more about the campaign, please email nelondonicb.nelcanceralliance@nhs.net